Causes Sleep Only Briefly And Left Chest Pain To The Back?

Illustration of Causes Sleep Only Briefly And Left Chest Pain To The Back?
Illustration: Causes Sleep Only Briefly And Left Chest Pain To The Back?

morning I want to ask why this end “I sleep only after a few hours and every night I wake up then I wait for the morning again and then I can sleep well and I like to feel pain in my left chest until my back

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The time and hours of sleep each person generally varies and can be influenced by several things such as habits, daily activities, consumption of caffeine (coffee), or a medical condition and other disorders when sleeping. Duration of sleep in adults aged 18-64 years, namely between 7-9 hours.

Complaints that you feel can be caused by the following things such as:

muscle aches (myalgia)
stomach acid disease
heart attack
psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety
sleep apnea disorders

side effects of drugs or caffeine

But before you can help your complaint, the doctor needs some additional information such as how old are you, how long have you felt the complaint, is the chest pain affected by certain activities and accompanied by other accompanying symptoms such as cold sweat, nausea, or vomiting? Do you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes before? Does it snore while sleeping?

We recommend that if chest pain is felt enough to bother you, or your sleep difficulties affect your productivity, cause drowsiness in the afternoon that is excessive, then you are advised to consult with a cardiologist for complaints of chest pain or a psychiatrist for your sleep problems you feel .

If the chest pain that you feel resembles the symptoms of a heart attack, or the pain is the most painful pain you have ever felt then you should immediately go to the nearest health facility.
Some things you can do between:

Achieve ideal body weight
Stop smoking or consuming alcohol
Create a regular sleep schedule
Limit your naps to less than 30 minutes
Avoid excessive stress or anxiety
Exercise regularly every day but avoid strenuous exercise before going to bed
Perform relaxation such as yoga, take a warm bath, or drink warm milk before going to bed
Avoid consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate and cigarettes before going to bed
Avoid working, playing cellphones, watching TV or doing activities in bed
Turn off the lights, TV lights, computers, laptops, cellphones before you sleep

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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