Causes Sneezing After Bathing Or Washing Your Face?

, I want to ask … Every time after bathing or washing my face always sneeze to runny nose. But after a few hours later returned to normal. The nose also often feels suddenly itchy to sneeze. Is that an allergy or a natural thing? thank you

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Hi Nabila, thank you for asking

Colds and sneezing are not diseases, but are symptoms of a disease that attacks the upper respiratory tract. To reduce symptoms effectively, it is necessary to explore what causes it so that the therapy is given accordingly. Colds and sneezing can be caused by several diseases, including:

Allergic rhinitis. Symptoms include itchy nose, even itchy eyes and itchy, runny and stuffy nose, sneezing, sometimes accompanied by coughing, watery eyes, often patients experience bites on their skin.
Virus infection. Symptoms that appear are fever, coughing throat pain, headache, cough with phlegm, and muscle aches. Generally recover within 3 hau
Bacterial infection. Bacterial infections have the same symptoms as viral infections, only for the infection period is longer

Colds due to allergies occur when the sufferer is exposed to allergens, whereas viral and bacterial infections will only cause symptoms after a few days after infection. Colds caused by allergies can occur at any time and can subside immediately if allergens or triggers are gone. While cold infections usually appear during the transition season and last for 3-14 days.

The symptoms you feel are most likely to lead to allergic rhinitis. You have to understand what triggers it, such as pollution, dust, smoke, cigarettes, hair, animal debris, pollen, and so on. Cold weather can also be a risk factor for allergic rhinitis. You can do an allergy test to find out exactly what allergens cause a cold on yourself. The following are efforts that can be made to prevent allergic rhinitis:

Cover your mouth and nose when doing activities outside the home
Take a shower immediately after activities from outside the house
Clean carpets or even avoid using them at home
Avoid storing dolls if not routinely washed
The floor must always be on the mop, not just on the broom

If a cold does not subside within a few weeks, consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will do a careful examination to overcome the allergy that you experience. It might also be able to give antihistamines, corticosteroid sprays and decongestants to help reduce the symptoms you feel. I hope this helps.


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