Causes Sore Eyes To Itch And Runny?

Illustration of Causes Sore Eyes To Itch And Runny?
Illustration: Causes Sore Eyes To Itch And Runny?

Hello. Initially my eyes often seemed to runny, then lately it was no longer but my eyes became often suddenly itchy, every morning I also woke up like something was up sometimes like when my eyes hurt but there was no excess eye discharge. Can you deal with ordinary eye medication at the drugstore? Please the solution. thank you

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Hello Nur,

Thank you for asking

Watery, itchy, and often obstructionous, recurring lumps may indicate that you have an allergy (or more accurately called allergic conjunctivitis). This allergy occurs when the body experiences excessive sensitivity to certain substances that are actually not dangerous, but are considered the opposite. A mild allergic reaction to the eye can cause the eyes to become runny, itchy, block, and may even appear reddish and more sensitive to light due to the conjunctiva.

In addition to allergies, complaints in your eyes can also occur due to inflammation of the conjunctiva that is triggered by other factors, such as irritation, entry of foreign objects, splashes of chemicals, to infections. In addition, inflammation of other eye structures, such as blepharitis, trichiasis, uveitis, keratitis, and so on can also trigger eye complaints like you experience at this time.

In most cases, complaints like yours are not related to dangerous conditions. You can try to resolve your complaint in the following way:

Put artificial tears on the eyes when the complaint feels disturbing
Avoid holding, let alone rubbing your eyes with dirty hands
Use protective goggles when outdoors activities, so that the eye does not conquer dangerous substances
Avoid contact with substances that might trigger inflammation in your eyes, such as dust, pollen, smoke, expired cosmetics, unclean contact lenses, etc.
Compress the eye with cold water or a cooled spoon to feel more comfortable
Do not carelessly use eye drops or ointments without a doctor's prescription
Limit excessive activity first with the eyes when complaints are burdensome, for example by limiting staring at gadgets, limit reading of small print, limit long distance driving

If the complaint does not improve in 2 or 3 days, do not hesitate to check it yourself to the doctor or ophthalmologist to be given the best solution, ok?

I hope this helps.

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