Causes Sperm Discharge While Sleeping

Illustration of Causes Sperm Discharge While Sleeping
Illustration: Causes Sperm Discharge While Sleeping

Hello, I used to masturbate too often, as time went by I experienced the discharge of semen while sleeping without any stimulation, over time it still happened when in 2019 yesterday, entering 2020 this happened but every time I woke up it came out of fluid too, but not like semen, only liquid white sticky. My wet dreams are also problematic, usually when wet dreams are with humans, but in my wet dreams, I see things that used to make my passions increase like women’s underwear, bra, etc. My dream feels very strange. My saliva often thickens, like when I am passionate about masturbation, this happens because I accidentally see a woman who is a little sexy. What’s the solution? And which consulting specialist should I consult ?, Sp.kk, sp.U, or psychology? thank you

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Hello Faris,

The discharge of semen during sleep can be something that is still within normal limits, can also be caused by a medical condition. Some causes of semen coming out during sleep include:

Wet dreams, this tends to be normal
Nocturnal emesis during the sleep phase of rapid eye movement, normally occurs every few weeks
Spermatorhea, can be due to hormonal disorders, nervous disorders, stress, fatigue, masturbation / masturbation too often so that weakens the semen valve
Infection or inflammation of the urinary tract, including the presence of sexually transmitted diseases

If you feel disturbed by your current condition, you can consult with a urologist so that you can be sure of your condition and if necessary can be given a more appropriate treatment yes. But considering that it is currently still in a state of severing the spread of the corona virus, you can postpone consulting to a urologist until the condition allows. However, if there are complaints such as bleeding from the penis, an erection long enough to cause pain, or there is a disruption in urination, you can still see a doctor.

For the time being you can do the following tips:

Get enough rest
Keola stressed out well
Regular exercise
Switch your mind when you start thinking about sex
Keep things that smell pornographic
Avoid too often in the room or bathroom alone
Expand to do other positive activities
Get closer to God
Keep the penis clean
Avoid free sex
Use pants that are more loose and comfortable

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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