Causes Stomach Cramps, Lower Back Headaches And Nausea?

Illustration of Causes Stomach Cramps, Lower Back Headaches And Nausea?
Illustration: Causes Stomach Cramps, Lower Back Headaches And Nausea?

, last month I had stomach cramps, before long I had diarrhea but only on that day, then 3 days later I went to the doctor to ask about my condition, then the doctor diagnosed that I had an intestinal infection. But these past few days I have experienced low headaches, nausea and stomach aches. So, actually what kind of illness do I have?

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Intestinal infection is a condition that can experience improvement and does not last long if it has been treated appropriately and according to doctor's recommendations. Although it can improve after treatment, it does not rule out the possibility that this infection can recur later on.

Your complaints, especially complaints of stomach pain that you feel lately can be caused by intestinal infection again, but can be caused by other conditions such as stomach acid disease, inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), dyspepsia syndrome, inflammation of the intestine, typhus , or an unspecified virus infection.

Therefore, you should check back the complaints that you have felt recently to go back to the doctor to ascertain what condition you are experiencing, whether it is due to an intestinal infection like you experienced last month or caused by another condition. Your treatment will be adjusted to the conditions that cause your complaints.

In the meantime, there are a number of things you can try to do to help:

Organize your diet to be more scheduled and never late
Avoid foods that are acidic, spicy and high in fat
Avoid fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, and alcohol
Do regular exercise
Avoid stress
Enough rest
Avoid lying down immediately after eating
If the pain is felt to be quite disturbing, you can try to take antacid drugs according to the dosage on the package, if you are not getting improvement or have severe changes, immediately consult further to the doctor.

I hope this helps.

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