Causes Stomach Often Beeps?

Illustration of Causes Stomach Often Beeps?
Illustration: Causes Stomach Often Beeps?

night, does the stomach often sound stomach acid symptoms? because I have stomach acid. thanks

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Stomach sounds, caused by gastrointestinal contractility when there is no processed food. This condition will be experienced by someone who has entered his meal time but has not yet eaten. This is not related to stomach acid disease. However, this condition if left unchecked for a long time will cause high levels of acid in the stomach so that this stomach acid will irritate the lining of the stomach mucosa and cause complaints of gastric disease, which is heartburn (especially burning), often belching, so or feel full, nausea and vomiting.
For that, you should set your diet to be organized. Avoid eating late from the time you should. Also avoid consuming foods that can irritate the stomach (such as alcohol, chili, acidic foods, etc.) when the stomach sounds. Prioritizing eating foods that are friendly to the stomach when the stomach is ringing.
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