Causes Sudden Emotional Changes?

Illustration of Causes Sudden Emotional Changes?
Illustration: Causes Sudden Emotional Changes?

I beg your doctor’s view. I am Mamat, 26 years old. My wife Nor, 25 years old. We are from the north of the homeland. Nor’s mother proposed to me for her child, as if she knew I was indeed in love with her child. However, we didn’t make love before marriage. Only a brief question and the most important thing was during our fiance (Period of 5 months) We have only been married for less than a month. My wife is very spoiled and compassionate, from our marriage to the 6th day of marriage, during this period, she talked a lot about herself and her family’s problems. He was qullullail day by day, recited dozens of surahs of the Koran, was very diligent in the kitchen and very spoiled. During this period too, I could not spend a lot of time with him, because I took care of my elderly mother in the hospital. Many times my wife wanted to follow me to the hospital, but I told her to relax at home. The problem that prevailed was that on the sixth day of marriage, my wife was forced to return to her diploma study at UIA. It’s best to arrive at the residence college, die as if becoming a different person. While in bass, we stared like biases, but as good as he arrived at the University, he seemed to distance himself. Bertela was asked, a word was answered. The next day, my mother passed away, she did not return because of arranging academic and boarding registration (repeat sem). She continued to be in such a state that he would die after the following week. I was busy at the end of the week with my mother’s affairs and serving guests who kept coming to visit my family. I cube asked the problem, but my wife just said “I’m OK”. After that, die returned to recitation. The following week he declared he could not go home because there was an assignment, and another week he asked me to let him go because this marriage put pressure on him. Within 27 days of marriage, he only met me for 7 days and asked for a divorce, which in me was something irrelevant. The reasons given are also inconsistent: Loving another man / I overestimate my father / not willing / he was forced to marry (whereas he was not forced). What is the doctor’s point of view? 1) My wife hasn’t been menstruating for 4 years 2) She once announced that she was following the spirit of her dead father 3) “You don’t know what kind of person I am anymore. Sometimes I’m OK, sometimes I’m not OK. This verse is said when he was still spoiled.4) “I must not be very emotional, if I am emotional, take a long time to recover” This verse is said to be when he was still spoiled.

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

There are a number of possibilities that might cause symptoms as happened to your wife. It should be understood that this still requires a direct examination by a doctor. Some of these possibilities include:

Episodes of mild depression (symptoms of feelings of sadness, loss of interest and pleasure, fatigue, decreased activity, decreased self-confidence, withdrawal from relationships, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, ideas for self-injury or suicide; these symptoms arise for at least 2 weeks, causing a little difficulty in doing work and social activities, but still able to function socially)
Severe depressive episodes (symptoms as in mild depressive episodes; these symptoms occur for at least 2 weeks; have resulted in the inability to carry out work or social activities)
Severe depressive episodes with psychotic symptoms (symptoms as in severe depressive episodes, accompanied by symptoms of delusions [beliefs that are not in accordance with reality but are maintained and cannot be altered logically] and / or hallucinations)

We recommend that you consult your wife directly with your doctor or psychiatric specialist. The doctor will later evaluate the history of patient complaints and related biopsychosocial factors, physical examination, and supporting examinations (if there are indications). Through this series of evaluation processes, it is expected that an appropriate assessment of the patient's condition can be obtained so that treatment can be given as needed.

Doctors can provide supportive psychotherapy to help patients manage stress, identify symptoms, and control themselves when complaints arise. If indications are found, the doctor can also give medicines to help patients feel more comfortable and deal with the disease.

You are also advised to be a good and supportive listener if the patient tells about a complaint that is felt. Support from the people closest to the patient is very helpful in successfully handling the problem. In addition, patients are also advised to continue the activities they enjoy so they can channel their feelings through positive things.

Thus information from us. May be useful.

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