Causes Sudden Fever?

Illustration of Causes Sudden Fever?
Illustration: Causes Sudden Fever?

I am 21 years old. I often have a sudden fever even up to 40 degrees but within a few hours. lately also more or less a week I like to shiver in the middle of the night until I wake up from my sleep. now also I feel shortness of breath and pain in the solar plexus. why is that? please information … thank you.

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Hello anastasia,

Thank you for asking

Fever until chills often occur due to infection, can be due to viruses or bacteria. This infection can affect a variety of organ systems, such as ARI (acute respiratory infection), dengue fever, urinary tract infections, typhoid fever, and so on. Some of these types of infections also often cause shortness of breath and heartburn, which is associated with increased gastric acid or disorders of the respiratory tract and digestion due to other causes.

In addition to infections, fever and chills can also occur due to hyperthyroidism, extreme temperature exposure, side effects of drugs, withdrawal symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis, intestinal inflammation, withdrawal symptoms, and so on. Shortness of breath and heartburn may also be caused by gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease, pleurisy, asthma, pneumonia, panic attacks, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

Frequent repetition of these complaints should not be taken lightly. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that it can be treated properly according to the cause. Supporting examinations, such as laboratories, x-rays, ultrasound, etc. may also be done by doctors if deemed necessary.

In order for your complaint to improve, try doing:

Take paracetamol so that fever and pain are reduced
Eat regularly, small portions 3-5 hours
Do not always eat foods that contain lots of gas
Also reduce eating spicy, coconut milk, oily, and acidic
Don't stress or worry too much
Compress the area that is crowded and painful with warm water
Regular exercise
Increase relaxation
Do not smoke

Hope this helps ...

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