Causes Sudden Sores Arise In The Calf Such As Scabies?

Illustration of Causes Sudden Sores Arise In The Calf Such As Scabies?
Illustration: Causes Sudden Sores Arise In The Calf Such As Scabies?

why suddenly a wound appeared on the calf like scabies

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Scabies (scabies) is often marked by a red rash that contains fluid or pus and itchy on the skin. Rash due to scabies will generally reveal tunnels under the surface of the skin that often blends between one rash with another rash. Not infrequently, the rash due to scabies will break so that leaving open wounds that are runny or suppurating. Scabies can appear on any part of the body. But often, scabies rashes will be more common in the folds of the body, such as between fingers, buttocks, genitals, and so on.

Is it true that the rash or injury as you are experiencing at the moment?

Rash or scabies sores often also resemble rashes or wounds caused by other causes, such as impetigo, folliculitis, contact dermatitis, shingles, burns, tinea pedis, and so on. Unfortunately, you did not explain in detail as to what exactly your complaint at this time. Therefore, it is not appropriate for us to determine the definitive handling of your complaint.

It is better if you check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist so that you will be given the best treatment. The following initial steps you can also take so that your complaints improve:

Avoid holding wounds with dirty hands Diligent bathing and washing feet Change your pants at least 2 times a day Avoid using tight and dirty pants Do not exchange personal items with others Do not carelessly give treatment to rashes or wounds without a doctor's recommendation Improve personal hygiene and your environment Hope it helps yes..

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