Causes Sweating Too Often?

Illustration of Causes Sweating Too Often?
Illustration: Causes Sweating Too Often?

Good night. I want to ask: Why every time I finish Eating must be head, hands, shoulders, and back so much sweat comes out? Even though I also eat it in front of a fan? This is every time I eat it will come out. Isn’t it just eating, when I finish bathing, sweat will flood my body? Even though I didn’t make any moves that caused sweat to come out. So after I finished bathing, I had to stay in front of the fan so the nint didn’t sweat. Please take a solution, and what should I do. Thank you

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Sweat is a liquid released by sweat glands on human skin (and other mammals) which has several functions, among others: to maintain skin moisture, regulate skin acidity and normal flora growth of the skin, maintain body temperature to stay within normal limits, regulate balance fluid and acid base in the body. The system that regulates perspiration is the nervous system (autonomous) and hormonal system, and can be influenced by stimulation from outside the body (environment), such as temperature, humidity, physical activity, psychological factors, etc.

Therefore, in some conditions, such as after activity, when anxious, afraid, shocked, in hot weather, or when the body temperature rises (fever), sweat is released in a relatively higher amount. In addition, there are also individual variations where each person with gender, age, race, and different genetic factors will have different sweat glands, so the amount of sweat released is also different.

In conditions after eating (especially eating spicy or spicy foods), body temperature is relatively higher than before eating, so the body responds by sweating to maintain body temperature. In the condition of sweating after bathing, it generally occurs when bathing using warm water, so the body tries to neutralize the body temperature again by sweating, and can be started while bathing, but not felt because it flows together with water for bathing, so it feels more after bathing. If you use warm water, you can try to use colder water, or hot and cold mixed water.

In addition to these conditions, there are also several types of diseases where a person can sweat more than normal people. However, this can generally be distinguished from normal conditions, because in this disease patients generally sweat even though not doing anything (resting), or at normal room temperature (not hot). Some conditions that can cause sweating after eating (gustatory sweating) include: complications of diabetes mellitus, frey's syndrome, hyperhidrosis, autonomic neuropathy, etc. If this condition bothers you, it's been a long time and it often recurs, consult a doctor.

The things you can do are:

Reduce consumption of foods that contain lots of spices or too spicy Bathing using plain water (not hot), and do not dry the body by rubbing the towel too hard, because it can also increase the temperature. Consumption of water in sufficient quantities More consumption of fruits and vegetables Using anti-perspirant Thus, hopefully it can be useful huh.

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