Causes Swelling At The Tip Of The Middle Teak That Feels Painful To The Touch?

Illustration of Causes Swelling At The Tip Of The Middle Teak That Feels Painful To The Touch?
Illustration: Causes Swelling At The Tip Of The Middle Teak That Feels Painful To The Touch?

Hello,. I want to ask, 2-3 days ago, the tip of my middle finger was not hit by a collision but on one side of the nail suddenly hurt and swollen while on the other side it was not, and not sloping. When touched slowly it feels painful and feels like there is blood / fluid that has accumulated and is frozen. Also the part that hurts near the nail if pressed slightly soft but the tip of the middle finger on the palm if pressed slightly harder. Why is it like that and how to treat it?

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Swollen fingers are a sign of fluid buildup or swelling in the tissues or joints of the fingers. Generally, swollen fingers can be caused by overall fluid resistance, such as during premenstrual syndrome or pregnancy. However, some cases of swelling, especially if accompanied by pain can be an indication of symptoms of the disease:

 Infection: Infection of the wrist, or fingers can cause swelling, which depends on the severity of the infection. More severe infections occur when the finger skin is damaged, allowing microorganisms, especially bacteria, to enter the underlying tissue. Trauma, for example, falls, or bumps into hard objects such as chairs or table legs. Wearing shoes that are too narrow will cause pressure especially if you walk or stand for a long time and there is overweight. Increased uric acid levels, for example after eating high purine foods such as organ meats, seafood, chips, nuts, etc. Insect bite. there are a number of possible causes of the swelling in your finger, to ensure that the cause must be examined directly by a doctor, moreover the swelling does not improve and causes extreme pain or excessive bleeding. if the doctor has found the cause, the doctor can perform treatment by giving ointments, or oral medication if possible with a small surgery to remove fluid.

There are several things you can do at home:

 cold water compresses after that with hot water if you experience pain can while taking pain relievers such as paracetamol do not try to fix the swelling by yourself try the place where the sore finger keeps clean avoid avoiding holding the swollen finger so info I can give

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