Causes Swelling In The Groin Area?

Illustration of Causes Swelling In The Groin Area?
Illustration: Causes Swelling In The Groin Area?

Doctor You want to ask, I’ve been feeling swelling in the groin area or later it was as big as peanuts. Now it’s as big as salak seeds. And lately I feel dizzy with sore throat, what’s the solution

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Swelling in the groin can be a variety of triggers, including:

Hernia (bowel sticking out due to weakening of the abdominal wall) Abscess (pus-filled sac due to infection) Lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes) Benign or malignant tumors, such as lipomas, cysts, Varicocele sarcomas (swollen veins due to infection) Hydrocele, etc. These are swollen, benign or malignant tumors, for example lipomas, cysts, Varicocele sarcomas (swollen veins) can be related to dizziness, laryngitis, and colds that you experience, may or may not. If they are related, the possibility of these complaints occur related to infection, for example due to bacteria, which also triggers inflammation in the lymph nodes. It could also be, the swelling is actually caused by a hernia, which swells when you cough due to allergies, irritation, or respiratory infections that also cause the appearance of dizziness, sore throat, and colds. However, this needs to be further confirmed by a doctor's examination directly.

Better, you immediately check your complaint to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. By directly inspecting the swelling that arises, the doctor is usually able to identify what is the cause, and possible association with your current complaints. Further examination, such as biopsy, ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory, etc. may also be done by a doctor if deemed necessary. If a lump is thought to arise due to a hernia, tumor, varicocele, or hydrocele, the doctor may also refer you to a surgeon for further treatment.

For now, it's best not to massage or exaggerate the swelling that comes up. If you feel pain or a sensation of lumps in the swelling, you can compress first using warm water. Don't over-lift or push too much weight. Expand to rest, raise or hang your legs when lying down so that the swelling can shrink. Always wear comfortable clothes and pants, not too tight, avoid using high heels. Also reduce dizziness, strep throat, and colds, by drinking and eating more warm temperatures, eating more fruits that are rich in vitamin C, don't over-eat spicy and oily foods, avoid smoking, and don't also be exposed to allergens or irritants of the respiratory tract excessive (eg cold, dust, animal hair, pollen, and so on).

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