Causes Swelling Of The Baby’s Eyelids?

Illustration of Causes Swelling Of The Baby’s Eyelids?
Illustration: Causes Swelling Of The Baby’s Eyelids?

My child is 1.5 months old. Initially, his left eye had tears in his eyes and his eyelids were swollen, but it has been 6 days since his eyelids have not been deflated, what are the dangers? And why will every BAK always cry ?. Fart must be cool first?

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Swelling of the baby's eyelids should be subject to a medical examination. Swelling of the baby's eyelids can be caused due to various causes. From the circumstances that your child is experiencing, it may be due to a blepharitis.

Blefaritis is an inflammation of the eyelids, so that usually the eyelids become red and swollen. Blefaritis can occur at any age, from infants to adults. Blefaritis is generally caused due to a bacterial infection in the eyelid area. Blefaritis can cause symptoms such as:

swelling of the eyelids
reddish eyelids
the eyes can become watery or not
the child looks cranky
May be accompanied by fever

If your child's condition is due to blepharitis, then treatment with certain antibiotics may be necessary.

But besides that, the condition that your child is experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

conjunctivitis / inflammation of the conjunctiva

Fart that is always cool can be a normal thing. The most important thing is that your child is still farting.

Therefore, to ascertain the cause of your child's condition, you should check your child directly to an ophthalmologist or pediatrician so that the doctor can check the condition of your child directly. Thus later the doctor can provide the right therapy.

You can do a warm compress using a clean towel on the swollen eye. Don't scratch or give any drugs.

Here's an article you can read about Blefaritis

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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