Causes Swollen And Reddish Armpits?

Illustration of Causes Swollen And Reddish Armpits?
Illustration: Causes Swollen And Reddish Armpits?

Hello doctor, my younger brother is 13 years old, since the last few months my brother’s head has had a fungal infection, a red rash has appeared on his head. At first it looked like dandruff but the doctor we met said that my brother’s head was infected with fungus. This fungus is also contagious to my sister’s back and armpits. My sister’s back and armpits look swollen, and red. My sister has been taking drugs, using saleb and other ways to treat. What doctor actually happened to my elbow?

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People with poor immune system, especially if they are not good at keeping themselves clean, have a higher risk of developing fungal infections. This fungal infection can occur in various parts of the body, especially those that are often exposed to high humidity, including on the head, back, and also the armpits. Frequently, this fungal infection will cause the skin to experience a reddish rash, bruntusan, to dry and peeling, which often feels itchy, sore, until hot, especially when in contact with sweat. There are many types of fungi that can infect the skin and cause these complaints, for example candida sp, dermatophytes, and so on.

Not only fungal infections, several other conditions, such as bacterial, viral, or mite infections, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, xerosis, psoriasis, immune disorders, etc. can also cause the appearance of reddish skin swellings that swell as your sister has .

Therefore, if you find that your sister's complaint has not improved even though you have undergone a doctor's treatment well, you should check it back to the doctor or dermatologist huh. The doctor can provide alternative therapies, or also perform additional examinations, for example examining tissue samples skin, allergy tests, laboratory tests, and so on. In the meantime, so that her complaints don't get worse, your younger sister can do the following tips first:

Do not hold rashes on the skin with your bare hands Be diligent in bathing, dry your body properly (not rubbed excessively), then wear clean, soft, non-tight clothing. Avoid exchanging personal items with others. Do not over-exertion in hot or stuffy environments. so as not to sweat a lot Improve personal hygiene and the environment around you Maintain endurance, i.e. by routine exercise, eating nutritious foods, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and free sex Do not carelessly apply or consume drugs to overcome your complaints without a prescription from a doctor Hopefully help huh ..

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