Causes Swollen Child’s Feet

Illustration of Causes Swollen Child’s Feet
Illustration: Causes Swollen Child’s Feet

good afternoon, I want to ask, I have a new nephew from grade 6 to elementary, every midnight he coughs up phlegm but can not remove mucus until he has difficulty sleeping but does not have a fever, if morning and afternoon cough is rare,. 3x have been examined and given drugs and in the laboratory blood test the results were nothing, the doctor said, but how come my nephew’s feet are swollen? why is that? thank you I am waiting for the answer

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Hello Ervin, thank you for asking at

Complaints experienced by your niece can be caused by several possible conditions such as:

Nephrotic syndrome
Kidney inflammation (GNA)
Consumption of foods that are high in salt is excessive
Impaired lymph fluid flow or reverse blood flow in the legs
Lack of protein
Side effects of certain drugs

Due to the current complaint that has not yet improved and is currently experiencing a new complaint, it is recommended to check the complaint back to the doctor for re-evaluation of your nephew's current condition so that it can be determined what further examination should be done and also what therapy it should be given to your niece.

In the meantime, continue to consume drugs given by doctors who treat your nephew in accordance with his recommendations until there are further recommendations from doctors who visited again. It is also recommended to ensure that your nephew gets a balanced and sufficient nutritious food intake every day, especially protein intake and limit salt intake. Also keep fluid intake (water) at least 2 liters a day.

Encourage your niece to wear a mask while the complaint is still present and not leave the house except to see a doctor, do a good cough ethic and not expel phlegm carelessly. Also pay attention to whether there are certain things that trigger or aggravate complaints such as cold weather, consumption of certain foods / drinks and others, if any, avoid as much as possible.

If worsening complaints arise such as shortness of breath, swelling throughout the body, a decrease in the frequency of BAK, or high fever (body temperature reaches 38 degrees or more), immediately take your niece to the nearest hospital emergency room.

I hope this helps.

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