Causes Swollen Feet After High Fever?

Illustration of Causes Swollen Feet After High Fever?
Illustration: Causes Swollen Feet After High Fever?

Hello, I want to ask At that time my father had a high fever, and after recovering suddenly both of my father’s legs swelled up to his knees, may I know what are the symptoms well, Thank you …

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A history of fever complaints and after the fever has improved swelling in your father's feet then the possibility of complaints of this fever can be associated with swelling in your father's feet. If your father has a history of diabetes, this swelling is often caused by inflammation of the skin tissue or skin cellulitis of the foot area. This is a form of inflammation due to the influence of microorganisms on the patient's skin tissue, so that it looks reddish.

Patients with cellulitis may be accompanied by various comorbid complaints, such as:

 Swelling in the legs Pain in the swelling area Redness in the skin area Fever Watery and / or festering Patients with cellulitis will notice an inflamed and swollen area. So the patient feels uncomfortable and worried about this complaint.

Risk factors that often aggravate this complaint is a history of diabetes, especially in elderly patients or patients who have a long history of diabetes. Apart from diabetes, several other conditions can also trigger cellulitis such as wounds, history of surgery, history of skin prickles or insect bites, or because of skin diseases and radiotherapy.

However, this needs to be confirmed directly by your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. Without a direct physical examination, it can not be known how the condition of this swelling and the exact cause of this complaint. Some other medical conditions can also cause swelling in the legs, such as:

 Heart failure Liver disorders Kidney failure Joint inflammation Varicose veins Allergies Therefore, to ensure everything, steps that need to be done is to immediately visit and consult with your doctor. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the course of this complaint. Next physical examination by looking directly at the swelling area and examine the patient's body systems to help determine the cause. By looking and checking directly, doctors usually can find out the cause. However, if needed, supporting tests can also be done to support your doctor's diagnosis. Thus, your father will get care and treatment in accordance with the examination results obtained.

For now, some things you need to consider, such as:

 Avoid the risk of new injuries Avoid excessive activity Avoid giving topical drugs without recommendations or prescribing doctors Avoid smoking and alcohol when consuming Ideally body weight Thus the info we can convey.

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