Causes The Head To Discharge Pus And Odor In Children?

Good night, I have a child aged 18 months. I want to ask my child is allergic to the head to produce pus and become smelly Early because it’s my child eating eggs and the tip comes out allergic like that I’ve tried using a special allergy shampoo but the allergies don’t disappear “Until about 1 month and not recovered ” Guess “it is allergic, why y? Thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at For starters, if the main complaint your child experiences is itching of the scalp, appearance of spots, crust or appearance such as biduran, it should not be caused by allergies. Besides allergies, among the possible causes are:

Cradle cap condition

Fungal skin infections
Parasitic, flea or mite infections of the scalp
Skin irritation

And it could also be other causes depending on what exactly the main complaint and how the results of the examination. This is important because if the diagnosis is not actually allergic, the treatment will not be right and your child will not recover.

Second, even if allergic, allergy is caused by a certain trigger, and the trigger must be sought and avoided. Because even if given the drug, if the trigger returns, so will the symptoms. In the case of your child, if the trigger is an egg, the egg must be avoided for the allergies to disappear. If the egg has been avoided but the allergies persist, it means that the trigger is not an egg, or it is not allergic at all. Then again, the right diagnosis is very important to do the next step.

In addition, allergies do not have symptoms in the form of discharge of pus. If it comes out pus and smells, it's because the itchy area is scratched and eventually infected. And for this infection, the treatment will be different again. Finally, allergy-specific shampoos don't work that way. Allergy-specific shampoo is a shampoo given to people who, when using ordinary shampoo, will experience allergies, but not function as an allergic drug. Similarly, children who are allergic to cow's milk, given special milk allergy. Milk does not cure allergies, but an alternative that does not trigger allergies. So it is only natural that allergic shampoo does not eliminate the allergic response experienced by your child.

In conclusion, there are various things that must be considered to ensure the right treatment for your child. Therefore, since this has also been going on for a long time, you should immediately consult your child with a dermatologist so that you can do a thorough examination of all aspects. Handling will depend on the results of the inspection.

Meanwhile, avoid giving any treatment to your child. Make sure his head stays dry and clean, avoid him from scratching his head with gloves on, make sure the environment in the house is always clean, and consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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