Causes The Menstrual Cycle To Progress?

Illustration of Causes The Menstrual Cycle To Progress?
Illustration: Causes The Menstrual Cycle To Progress?

Good night .. this month, June 4, my menstruation is finished on the 8th … Now after my period is finished, I will consume prenagen essensis … After 2box, I continue to drink green beans plus folacite, but my menstruation is progressing, so it’s 29 Menstruation again .. And that’s safe, yeah

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Menstruation (menstruation) the process of discharge from the vagina that occurs due to the natural monthly cycle in a woman's body. This cycle is the process of the female reproductive organs to prepare for pregnancy. This preparation is characterized by thickening of the uterine wall (endometrium) which contains blood vessels. If pregnancy does not occur, the endometrium will decay and come out with blood through the vagina.

The duration and volume of bleeding in the menstrual cycle experienced by each woman varies greatly. Every woman is encouraged to note or pay attention to her menstrual cycle in order to be aware of any abnormalities or irregularities that arise. Unusual menstrual cycles or excessive blood volume can sometimes indicate a health problem.

The normal menstrual cycle in women, on average lasts for 28 days, counting from the first day of menstruation until the first day of the next menstruation arrives. Normally menstruation occurs around 3-7 days in most women. However, not all women experience the same cycle, even among women of almost the same age. The menstrual cycle can sometimes come sooner or later, with differences ranging from 21 to 35 days.

Symptoms of menstrual cycle abnormalities vary for each disorder. But in general, the symptoms that need to be considered as a sign of menstrual cycle abnormalities are:

Occurred more than 7 days
Having heavy bleeding that causes the need to replace the pads every 1-2 hours
Menstruation occurs more frequently in 21 days
Menstruation is less than it should be within a period of 45 days
Having heavy bleeding followed by the appearance of bruising or bleeding. This should be a concern especially for women who have a family with a history of bleeding disorders.

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