Causes The Sensation Of A Broken Neck When Thinking?

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Hello…rnrnI want to ask I have experienced a strange incident, when I was thinking far about the future (dreaming), suddenly “at the back of my neck like there is a broken vein, and After that, my behavior was strange, such as memory loss (but not crazy), and it was difficult to get along with people and the environment, so what I want to ask is if it is dangerous for my long term life.rnPlease answer! rnThank you…

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Hello, Ifan At-Tamimi, thanks for asking

The term severed veins does not exist in medical terms. If you experience a "breaking" sensation in your neck, it could be:

1.     the sound of friction between bones that occurs due to sudden changes in movement

2.    muscles and supporting tissues that are stretched and cause pain

3.    neck innervation disorders that cause pain, tingling, or numbness due to a history of lifting/pulling heavy objects or a history of injury

Memory loss and behavioral disorders can be caused by physical disorders, such as a history of head injury, seizures, infectious diseases, especially in the brain, metabolic disorders, or mental disorders. To determine the cause and determine the severity of your condition, you should see a doctor. The doctor will conduct a complete interview, physical examination, as well as supporting examinations if there are indications. If no physical disturbance is found, the doctor will suspect a psychological disorder.

If you feel disturbed by this condition, or if there are other symptoms that can be dangerous such as high fever, history of fainting/unconsciousness, seizures, vomiting to weakness, history of hard impact on the head, weakness in some parts of the body, you should immediately consult a doctor. doctor.

You can try the following things to reduce complaints:

1.    Control your stress by doing activities you like, doing hobbies, solving problems that are a burden on your mind, telling stories to people you trust, meditating/praying, and having recreation

2.    Avoid consuming alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal drugs

3.     Adequate rest and sleep

4.         Regular exercise

5.    Eat nutritious, including the consumption of substances that are good for the ability to think and memory

6.    Read a book or play a game that triggers the brain to think, such as crossword puzzles

7.    Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist about your social difficulties

That's it, I hope it's useful.


dr. Sarah Rizqia

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