Causes The Size Of The Testicles To Shrink?

Illustration of Causes The Size Of The Testicles To Shrink?
Illustration: Causes The Size Of The Testicles To Shrink?

I was 17 when I was 13 my left testicle was swollen when I went to the nearest doctor thank God, but why did the testicle that was swollen actually become dwarf after I finished the medicine (the size is smaller than normal) r nHow to make it back to normal what to do thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Testicles or testicles in general will not shrink by itself. The testicles usually shrink when blood flow to them is obstructed, usually when the torsion or testicles are rotated. But if what happens is only inflammation of the testes (orchitis) or inflammation of the ducts that lead to it (epididymitis), it shouldn't make it change in size.

Our advice, you should check with your urologist first for examination, is it true that the size of your testicles is reduced through direct examination and maybe also with the help of ultrasound. If indeed it has been diagnosed as such, the treatment is usually not to restore the size of the testis but rather to avoid further damage and maintain its function. Because the most important role of the testes is to produce sperm cells for survival. So even if you think the size is smaller, the most important thing is how the condition of the sperm it produces. If the sperm is good, then there may be no serious problems.

Meanwhile, there aren't many things you can do independently. Just avoid using tight pants and underpants, keep your pubic area clean, and see your doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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