Causes Urine To Come Out Between The Catheters?

Illustration of Causes Urine To Come Out Between The Catheters?
Illustration: Causes Urine To Come Out Between The Catheters?

Good afternoon I have been using Urinary Catheter for 3 months because there is a problem in urination, I want to ask in the 3rd month I used the urine catheter out of between the catheters. Why is that ??? And if a catheter is attached, can it be related to husband and wife ??? Thank you

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Hello Makmalaa,

Thank you for the question.

Urine catheters are 2 layers of flexible hose that can be connected to the urine bag at the end. This urine catheter is inserted through the urinary hole until it reaches the bladder. After the catheter tube is inserted into the bladder, water will be inserted which will form a balloon at the end of the hose, so that the catheter is not easily dislodged.

Urinary catheter placement can be done for a variety of purposes, including:

Overcome urinary retention
Overcoming obstruction in the urinary tract, such as due to enlarged prostate, urethral stricture
Monitor urine production, for example in critically ill people, after surgery
Collect urine samples for further testing in the laboratory
Overcoming bladder dysfunction due to nerve disorders, for example due to spinal injury, and so on

The discharge of urine from between the catheter tubes may indicate that the balloon at the end of the hose is no longer sufficient to support the catheter hose to be in position. This condition should be checked again by a doctor or a specialist in urology surgery who treats you, so that it can be justified again.

There is no prohibition for men who are using urine catheters for sexual intercourse. However, with a urine catheter attached to the tip of your penis, sexual intercourse will be more difficult to do, and will make you and your partner uncomfortable. For that, you should consult again with this doctor who treats you. Therefore, the handling of this condition should be adjusted to the indication of the installation of the urine catheter ...

I hope this helps.

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