Causes Vaginal Bleeding After Intercourse?

Illustration of Causes Vaginal Bleeding After Intercourse?
Illustration: Causes Vaginal Bleeding After Intercourse?

Want to ask why the tip of the genitals and sorry the anal hole feels cold and a bit hot after a day of intercourse before it was never just a time of intercourse, a bloody wife is not the time to menstruate. sick NGOM please be enlightened doctor thank you

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Complaints that you write down we can not understand clearly. Does your penis feel cold or the anal canal? Or does your anal hole feel a little hot? Complaints written in detail, very helpful We explain health information related to your condition. But here is an explanation of your question. Problems with a palpable cold penis can be related to the condition of the air around your environment. The groin and penis area are drained by blood vessels and nerves. In a healthy penis condition, nerves make the penis feel a natural sensation, blood vessels drain blood under the skin of the penis and maintain the normal temperature of the penis. If the penis suddenly feels cold, it could be a symptom of an emergency because blood flow is obstructed. This condition occurs usually because the foreskin is trapped in the head of the penis (paraphymosis), in men who have not been circumcised. While the sensation of cold in the groin area can be caused by neurological problems found in the spine at the pelvic level.

The burning sensation in the anal canal can be caused by inflammation in the area around the anus that occurs due to infection or irritation due to diarrhea / hemorrhoids.

Vaginal bleeding after intercourse can be caused by many things. If your wife has only experienced one time, the amount of blood is only a little, not accompanied by pain during sexual intercourse, and your wife has not yet menopause, your wife's condition may be caused by irritation due to friction during sexual intercourse or not doing foreplay so that lubrication is not enough.

There is no disease with the abbreviation of NGOs in the medical world. To ascertain what illnesses you or your wife have suffered, you should consult with a doctor who diagnosed the condition.

Immediately consult yourself with a Urologist to ensure there are no problems with your penis and groin area. The doctor will trace the details of your complaints and symptoms, the history of the disease you have experienced and do a physical examination, especially in the groin area. The doctor may recommend that you conduct a supporting examination such as urine analysis and if it appears lizards / fluid in the penis can also be taken and examined in a laboratory.

For the time being, do the following:

Keep the penis clean area by washing the penis every time you take a bath, just 2x a day. Also change the underwear at least 2x a day or if it's dirty. When having sex / sexual activity without monogamy, you should use a condom to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and active physical activity every day.

Read more about Problems that Male Gender may experience in the article by clicking here.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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