Causes Vibration Of Throbbing Forehead And Navel?

Illustration of Causes Vibration Of Throbbing Forehead And Navel?
Illustration: Causes Vibration Of Throbbing Forehead And Navel?

, I have recently been experiencing tremors on my forehead, is it a sign of illness? and I also experience pulsations when lying down and sitting down, even though I am fat.

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The vibrations on the forehead that occur to you lead to involuntary movements, namely movements that occur repeatedly, aimlessly and without involving control of the mind. Involuntary movements that often occur in small muscles such as muscles in the forehead, eyelid muscles, and vocal cords are called tic (read: tick).

Tic disorders are movements that occur without the control of the brain that occur in one of the muscles. Everyone can get tic, but tic is more common in children. There is no known cause for this disorder. However, stress and lack of sleep are known to influence tic disorders and their severity.

The tic disorder can usually be suppressed, but causes discomfort that will go away if the tic is left alone.

In general, tic disorders are not severe and have only a mild effect on quality of life. However, some cases of tic disorders cause problems for sufferers.

Doctors will usually diagnose tic based on the following 4 things:

1. The age at which tic begins to occur

2. Duration of occurrence of tic

3. The severity of the tic

4. Tic motor or vocal tic or both.

Therapy for tic disorders according to the severity of the disorder. In most cases, no therapy is needed and the tic will go away on its own.

In severe cases, the doctor will recommend behavioral therapy and drugs. Behavioral therapy aims so that sufferers can learn to control the tic disorders they experience and reduce their frequency of occurrence. Medicines are used to reduce tic frequency and improve the quality of life for sufferers.

In your case, there are a few things that we suggest:

1. Avoid factors that influence the emergence of tic such as stress. Manage your stress wisely.

2. Get enough rest.

3. If the vibration on the forehead becomes more frequent, you should consult a neurologist. The doctor will further evaluate the symptoms that occur to you.

For your next question, there are several causes for the onset of pulsation in the stomach, among others

1. Dyspepsia syndrome both organic and functional dyspepsia. Usually the pulsation occurs with pain in the gut, a feeling of fullness in the stomach, nausea and vomiting, frequent belching, bowel disorders (BAB) and signs of upper gastrointestinal bleeding such as black stools like asphalt.

2. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm is a disorder of the aortic artery in the abdomen due to weakness in the aortic wall.

Both of these conditions can occur in obese people. In order to differentiate between the two, if the pulse occurs in time with the pulse in the hand, it is likely that the pulse is coming from the Abdominal Aorta. If not, then it is likely that the pulsation comes from organs in the stomach such as the stomach and intestines. In addition to the two diseases above, pulsation in the stomach can also be caused by twitching of the abdominal wall muscles, fetal heart rate in pregnant women, obstruction of the digestive tract (obstructive ileus).

Need further consultation to find out the cause of your abdominal pulsation. You can consult a doctor who specializes in internal medicine. The doctor will perform a physical examination and if necessary can perform sophisticated examinations such as abdominal ultrasound, endoscopy, and other examinations to determine the cause of your abdominal pulsation.

Thus, hopefully this is useful. dr. Nira

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