Causes Watery Eyes And Often Dizzy?

Illustration of Causes Watery Eyes And Often Dizzy?
Illustration: Causes Watery Eyes And Often Dizzy?

Good evening, introduce my name Ani. So like this I often feel dizzy and also sore in my eyes, eyes also like watering if I see something too long or too long. I like to get dizzy when I see the writing on the blackboard of my class. I do see the writing, but often get dizzy if it takes too long, it certainly annoys me as a student. I feel my eyes have spots if I look left or right or just look ahead sometimes like there are lines in my vision. Do I experience minus eye views from these symptoms? If yes, how much is minus?

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Hello Ani

Human vision is influenced by the overall function of the eyeball, the muscles that move the eyeball, and the nerve of vision. When someone takes too long to look at something intensely, then naturally the eye muscles will experience fatigue. This can happen, for example, for people who work with computers for a long time, look at gadgets, are exposed to dust or smoke, and read or pay attention to something for a long time. When the eye muscles experience fatigue, the eyes will feel pain, blurred vision, and can be accompanied by headaches or dizziness. In addition, when someone watches something for a long time, people tend to blink less often. This makes the eyes dry, especially if coupled with a refrigerated room. Dry eye will cause irritation so that amta is red and painful, and watery.

Your symptoms may be caused by tired eyes, irritation, infection, or refractive problems. Generally at a young age, refractive disorders in the form of minus eyes and / or cylindrical eyes. How much of a person's refractive abnormality cannot be determined solely based on sentence information. You should consult with an ophthalmologist for a proper refraction test, so you can find out if you really have minus eyes and how much interference. In the meantime, try to make your eyes rest. You do this with every 20 minutes, try to shift your gaze to a far point (at least 6 meters or more), for 20 seconds. After that you can continue viewing. Limit playing time for gadgets and computers, only for the important things. Make sure the room light is bright enough when you look at the electronic screen.

Hopefully this answer can help you. Regards.

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