Causes Watery Eyes When Using Mosquito Coils?

Illustration of Causes Watery Eyes When Using Mosquito Coils?
Illustration: Causes Watery Eyes When Using Mosquito Coils?

Hello. I want to ask, why does every time I put my eyes watery (like crying)? Are factors also included in mosquito coils? Thank you

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Hi Cindy,

Thank you for the question.

Watery eyes generally indicate inflammation of the eye components, can be limited to the conjunctiva, cornea, or other components in it. Generally, these complaints do not appear alone, but also accompanied by eyes that feel itchy, sore, sore, more easily glare, redness, or many other complaints. There are many triggers of inflammation in the eye, can be due to exposure to smoke (including smoke from mosquito coils), dry air, UV rays, other impurities that enter the eye, allergens (such as pollen), use of contact lenses or eye medication that is not appropriate, viral, fungal, bacterial infections, and many other possibilities. Other disorders of the eye, such as asthenopia (tired eyes), eye refractive disorders (such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism), migraine, rhinosinusitis, lack of sleep, side effects of medications, etc. can also make the eyes become watery.

Need to be clarified, are there any other complaints that you have experienced?

If there isn't, you can help ease your complaint with the following steps:

Do not hold your eyes with dirty hands, let alone rub them excessively
Protect eyes from intruding foreign objects, including smoke from mosquito coils, for example by:
No longer using mosquito coils, replace them with repellent or mosquito nets
Use protective goggles when outdoors activities
Not excessive use of cosmetics around the eyes
Do not just carelessly use contact lenses, eye drops or ointments

Do not stare directly into the sun with the naked eye
Get enough sleep and don't take drugs carelessly

If within 3 days your complaint does not improve, or other complaints appear more disturbing, as mentioned above, you should immediately check with your doctor or the nearest eye specialist so that you are given the right treatment.

I hope this helps.

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