Causes White Holes And Feels Sore Like Thrush In The Vagina

white bumps in the vagina initially small as canker sores in the mouth and does not feel sore but more and more here it hurts and very painful when exposed to urine according to the doctor what should I do?

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Hello rani,

Thank you for the question.

The presence of white holes such as thrush in the vagina or genital ulcers can be caused by several medical conditions, such as:

 Genital herpes. Syphilis. Chancroid Granuloma inguinale. Lymphogranuloma venereum. A history of weak immunity. The emergence of a painful ulcer can be influenced by several factors, one of which is risky sexual relations, and can also be caused by injuries, reactions to skin care products, and drug side effects. To treat it, doctors need to do a history of complaints, physical examinations, and supporting examinations such as taking fluid / tissue samples on ulcers or blood tests, so that doctors can find out the cause and make appropriate treatment, such as antibiotics or antivirals.

Here's what you can do for a while:

 Do not have sex in 7 days, or use a condom as a safety. Use pants that are not tight and absorb sweat. Take pain relievers such as paracetamol. Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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