Causes White Lumps Discharge From The Vagina?

Illustration of Causes White Lumps Discharge From The Vagina?
Illustration: Causes White Lumps Discharge From The Vagina?

I want to ask if those white lumps could be a sign of early pregnancy or miscarriage. I had intercourse with my wife one month ago and a week later my wife had menstruation …? R n r nIf not what is there a cure

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Good morning, thanks for asking at White lumps that come out of the vagina are most likely a form of vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea is generally in the form of thick white mucus and odorless. Normal vaginal discharge appears in women as a mechanism for cleansing the female area from dead cells and bacteria. Among the causes of vaginal discharge with abnormal or usual characteristics are:

Use of hormonal contraceptives
Pelvic inflammation
Gonorrhea infection

Chlamydial infection

Yeast infection

Bacterial vaginosis

As for both a sign of early pregnancy and a miscarriage, the clot should be red because it contains blood instead of being white. So we don't think you can determine if your wife is pregnant or not from the white blob. However, if your wife is menstruating, chances are that she is not pregnant. Then for treatment, we suggest that you first check your wife's condition to an obstetrician. Your doctor will then ask your wife a few questions regarding her health and sexual history, then perform a direct examination by looking at the inside of your wife's vagina to see the white lump in question. You can accompany. The treatment your wife will receive will depend on the results of this examination.

Meanwhile, tell your wife to keep her genital area clean by avoiding wearing tight pants, using vaginal cleansers especially scented ones, and cleaning the genitals from front to back and not the other way around. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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