Causes White Shadow On Vision?

Illustration of Causes White Shadow On Vision?
Illustration: Causes White Shadow On Vision?

at night, I often see a white line when looking, and once my vision seemed to be partially blurry, the view was split, so my vision was only the top visible but the lower part was blurry. What do you think this is? Thank you in advance.

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Hello, thanks for the question.

White shadow on vision, either in the form of lines or white spots on one or two eyes can be caused by something dangerous or not. White spots or lines that hover inside the eye are called floaters. These floaters often occur in the elderly / elderly, where there is a change in vitreous fluid contained in the eye so that its elasticity is reduced and unable to maintain the normal shape of the eyeball, and this change will cause remnants of dirt from the vitreus that will look like spots or white lines on our vision. Floaters due to this age factor are generally harmless and do not require special handling. In addition, it can also be caused by tears from the retina, which is most often caused by minus the eye that is too high, trauma, and others. Can also be caused due to bleeding in the eye, inflammation of the back of the eye (uveitis), and so forth. Floaters that are not dangerous generally only appear occasionally without being accompanied by other complaints, but if complaints appear very often, blurred vision, disturbances in the field of view (narrow field of view), and other complaints should be immediately consulted to the ophthalmologist because it is feared there is a tear in the retina can be dangerous for vision, the doctor will conduct a thorough and specific examination of the eye, including examination with a slit lamp, examination of eye pressure (tonometry), funduscopy, and so forth. Handling is tailored to the underlying cause. We recommend that you get enough rest, eat healthy and nutritious food, use glasses if there are indications of the use of glasses, and you should immediately visit an eye specialist.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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