Causes Yellow Discharge From A 7-year-old’s Ear?

Illustration of Causes Yellow Discharge From A 7-year-old’s Ear?
Illustration: Causes Yellow Discharge From A 7-year-old’s Ear?

My child is 7 years old. The right ear always runs out of yellow liquid like snot but does not smell. What medicine should you be given? Please help so I can give the medicine

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Hello Fikida Syafa, thank you for asking

From the information you mentioned in the question, a physical examination is needed directly by the doctor for a definitive diagnosis. From this information there are several possible diseases, including:

Acute otitis media Chronic suppurative otitis media: if the complaint has been ongoing> 3 months Acute otitis media (OMA) is an infection / inflammation of the middle ear, which generally begins with coughing flu or ARI 2-7 days before ear pain. OMA itself has several phases of the disease starting from the phase in which the child experiences pain from his ear, when examined the red drum can be seen; the child's ear continues to be more painful and accompanied by fever (when the child's eardrum is prominent, it generally contains a yellowish discharge or pus); continues the phase in which the eardrum tears so that the fluid collected in the middle ear comes out, at this time the fever generally subsides. A torn eardrum can recover within 4-8 weeks, but if there is a recurring infection, the eardrum is difficult to close again and yellow fluid can repeatedly come out (generally accompanied by hearing loss), which if> 3 months is called chronic serous otitis media (CSOM) ).

It is strongly recommended that you immediately take your child to the doctor or see an ENT specialist for definitive evaluation and therapy. The doctor will conduct question and answer, examination of the ear canal and eardrum. If there are indications, the doctor will give ear drops, antibiotics (if there are still sources of infection from the airways) and symptomatic medications, all of which require a doctor's prescription to be obtained. Generally, the doctor recommends for control to evaluate whether the eardrum has recovered or not, and if not yet the doctor will suggest tympanoplasty to repair the eardrum so that the child's hearing returns to health.

It is recommended that your sister does not swim first, and cover your ears with cotton dipped in baby oil so that no water enters the ear, until the eardrum is completely closed / recovered. Do not clean the child's ears with a cotton bud, or put anything in the child's ear (because it will increase the risk of infection and ear wax will actually be pushed deeper into the ear). Read this link to increase knowledge.

Thus our suggestions and answers, hopefully useful, good night.

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