Cavities In The Left Upper Jaw?

hi, so like this, my child has a toothache in his upper left cavity and often coughs, colds what is the solution

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Hello Laura, Thank you for the question.

Have you given a mouth on your child for further consultation with the dentist regarding the condition of cavities? Tooth that is damaged on the outside (email) and inside (dentin) can cause cavities. Tooth decay is generally caused by a combination of several factors such as poorly maintained dental hygiene, the habit of consuming sweet foods, and the presence of bacterial infections.

The presence of food scraps mixed with saliva can form plaque on the teeth. Bacteria in the mouth will change the plaque that has accumulated on the teeth to become acidic. This acid will slowly erode the tooth layer and cause cavities. If not treated immediately, tooth decay can become more severe and can affect the inside of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels (pulp). This condition can cause complaints of toothache, pain when chewing, teeth become sensitive. Therefore, please bring your child to consult with a dentist. The doctor needs to do a direct examination of your child's teeth to determine the severity before the doctor can determine further treatment.

Complaints along with a cold cough also require further medical treatment, especially if these complaints occur frequently or even cause symptoms of high fever, difficulty breathing, and weakness. This complaint can be caused by:


If this complaint has been going on for some time, please consult further with your pediatrician. Doctors need more information about your child's symptoms, examine your child, and perform other tests such as allergy tests, x-rays, and others. Further handling will be given by a doctor according to your child's condition. Please do the following suggestions to take care of your child's health:

provide balanced nutritious food intake
maintain your child's body's fluid intake
clean the house and bedroom regularly
wash spres, pillowcases and bolsters, and blankets regularly
try to identify whether there are triggers for this complaint. If yes, try to avoid it
I hope this helps.

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