Cavities With Cavities Accompanied By Swelling?

Illustration of Cavities With Cavities Accompanied By Swelling?
Illustration: Cavities With Cavities Accompanied By Swelling?

Congratulations mlm I feel a toothache 1 month more at the top of the hole at the end of the hole u0026amp; swollen … Obt the pharmacy drug doctor I have been drinking until I was exhausted, but if the effect of the medication was gone my teeth started to fill again … As for the pain when drinking plain water, it feels like I am aching, I feel sick, I will not be able to hold it, right? nasa toothpaste u0026amp; I have already taken the Cataflam medicine as well as not having the same effect as x .. Because of the drugs that are suitable for me y … This is also the consumption of mefenamic acid ponstan

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cavities are damaged hard tissue in teeth due to caries that cannot be prevented. Caries formed due to bacteria that cause blackish color. The main cause of cavities is plaque. Plaque is a sticky layer consisting of bacteria and acids. where plaque builds up from a collection of bacteria and food debris that have stuck to the surface of the teeth, it also causes inflammation of the gums so that the gums can become swollen.

The pain generally arises only when the hole in the tooth gets bigger, affects the nerve, or causes a broken tooth. Cavities can also occur after consuming cold or hot food or drinks.

the treatment of cavities depends on the severity, you should immediately consult a dentist to see and assess the severity of your cavities, so the doctor can do a direct examination and if necessary the doctor can advise to photograph rongen teeth so the doctor can handle your toothache appropriately, the doctor may will prescribe antibiotics and analgesic drugs to overcome infections and relieve pain that arises. When the inflammation has calmed down, the next treatment can be done, namely the filling or extraction of cavities or root canal treatment.

so the medicine you take is not to deal with it completely, to overcome cavities is to overcome the source of the cause that I mentioned above, so you should immediately consult an expert huh.

there are some things you can do

 brush your teeth twice a day before going to bed and after eating use a soft toothbrush and with a small head so you can reach the tips of your teeth use fluoride toothpaste avoid consuming too much sweet food compress the sick teeth with cold water you can rinse your mouth with Do not forget to salt water to routinely check your teeth every 6 months to the dentist so that the info we can give hopefully can help you

get well soon for you

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