Illustration of Cavity
Illustration: Cavity

Hello doctor goodnight .. my doc has a problem with my cavities since grade 2 of high school about 8 years ago I had a tooth patch and until now the fillings have disappeared and the tooth cavities are deep and sore docks. I have been taking ponstang medicine to temporarily lose my toothache but it still hurts, and I have been gargling my mouth with warm salt water. How do you handle this for the dock? Information please, thanks

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Hello Danisa, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Cavities are the destruction or erosion of the outer teeth (enamel) to the inside (dentin), to form a hole or gap. Cavities are very common events experienced by people, and if not handled properly can cause a serious problem.

The symptoms of cavities themselves are very diverse, ranging from minor complaints to severe complaints. If not treated immediately can cause several complications such as infection, teeth become rotten, or even date.

Many causes of cavities include oral plaque that is formed from food scraps in the mouth, and slowly the plaque will erode the tooth layer, bad dental hygiene, often sweet or sour food or drink, dry mouth, aging, etc.

The diagnosis can be made by a direct examination by the dentist, by looking at the condition of the teeth, and if needed an X-ray panoramic can be done to see how heavy the tooth decay, and see if there is damage to other teeth. After the diagnosis of cavities, several treatments that can be done include:

Filling.Filling or dental filling is the most commonly performed activity. Patching aims to make the gap in the teeth closed, and there is no infection in them.

Crown Brown or dental brackets are usually chosen to deal with more severe damage or in patients who have weak dental conditions. Crowns are done by replacing dental crowns with artificial crowns.

Root canal. Root canal or treatment of the root canal is carried out when the damage has reached the inside of a tooth or tooth root. This action aims to prevent the teeth from being pulled out.
Tooth extraction is done when the damage is very severe, and can not be repaired. Afterwards, if the tooth extracted is an important tooth, the function of the installation of dentures or dental implants is a solution to fill the gaps in the extracted teeth.

Responding to your question about the treatment that can be done, I can not confirm it because I do not know the current condition of your teeth / the level of damage. I advise you to consult a dentist as soon as possible. Since currently there is an outbreak of Covid-19 infection, many dentists are closing their practice because of the very high risk of infection, for that you need to find information on where the dentist is still opening a practice. Try to go to the nearest health center.

That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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