CD4 Test Results?

Illustration of CD4 Test Results?
Illustration: CD4 Test Results?

I want to ask, I just yesterday did a cd4 test at one of the clinics in Jogja. At that time I was not feeling well, and my result was my445 with 22.9% and cd8 for 1120 with 39.75% and my cd4: cd8 ratio was 0.58. Is that normal? Because I have a VCT test the results are non-reactive, and I am currently experiencing a fever (no rash or swollen lymph nodes) and my GO has recurred. Because when I took the cd4 test results in the lab, I consulted with the doctor there, he said, there was a tendency towards HIV because the ratio was low. Thank you

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Hi fikri,

Thank you for asking

Gonorrhea and HIV are both diseases that can be transmitted through risky sexual activities. Because of the same risk factors, gonorrhea sufferers have a higher potential to experience HIV, and vice versa. Gonorrhea most often infects the urinary tract and causes urination, pain, fatigue, stinging urine, containing mucus like pus, and can also appear fever, nausea, vomiting, and muscle and joint pain. Gonorrhea can also infect the eyes, throat and anus and show different symptoms.

The fever you experience can occur purely because of your gonorrhea, or it could be due to other infections (including HIV), drug side effects, immune disorders, hyperthyroidism, and other inflammatory diseases. Therefore, to detect the cause of a fever, as well as knowing your HIV status, your doctor will also direct you to undergo laboratory tests.

CD4 and CD8 are lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) that play a role in the immune system. Examination of CD4, CD8, percentage, and ratio levels between the two is very useful in knowing how severe immune system disorders are caused by HIV infection. With this examination also, HIV patients who have received treatment can be evaluated for their responsiveness to the treatment given.

Normally, the results of examinations in healthy people will show:

CD4 levels more than 400 / mm3
CD8 levels of more than 200-800 / mm3
The CD4 / CD8 ratio is 2.0

At first glance, referring to the results of the examination that you describe, the levels of CD4 and CD8 in your blood are still normal, but the ratio is indeed low. This low CD4 / CD8 ratio can mean HIV, it can also be due to other conditions, such as spinal cord disorders (for example due to chemotherapy side effects), anemia, multiple sclerosis, chronic infections, and so on.

The person who knows exactly what the correct interpretation of the results of your laboratory examination is, of course, is a doctor or internist who examines you directly. The diagnosis of HIV itself is not enough to be enforced based only on the laboratory examination above, but it is also necessary to consider the clinical symptoms that emerge as well as a variety of other investigations carried out. Therefore, you should consult directly with the doctor who examined you, or seek a second opinion to another specialist in internal medicine to be given the best management huh ..

I hope this helps.

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