Good night dock, I want to ask. My nails have been centengen for 3 years. 3 times the nail removal operation has been done, but the redness and swelling of the skin at the tip of the nail never disappears during the process after the operation. So, the nail back inside. The swollen skin has not yet grown until the nails grow until they are still sore. I always take the medicine that I prescribed regularly. How should the dock?

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Hello Evi, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Cantengan is a condition where at the tip of the nail there is swelling, redness and pain. Cantengan in medical terms is also called paronychia. The cause of this cantengan arises is the result of improper nail growth, which is growing curved or protruded inward so that it injures the skin. Cantengan can recur again if the nail removal operation has been done and healed as you experience it now. Nails with this infection can cause serious complications if not treated properly, especially in diabetics.

In order for optimal toenail care and prevent recurrence of the incengan you experienced, make the following efforts:

You have to maintain hygiene around the soles of your feet,
Avoid using shoes that are too narrow and closed when the big toe still hurts,
Also avoid cutting nails too short,
If the feet feel sweaty, open the shoes and air them dry to prevent the sweat from damaging the nails and tucked into the skin,
Change socks every day to avoid accumulation of bacteria in the socks,
Also try not to hurt or trip the foot which can hurt the big toe,
Soak feet with salt water

Straight legs can be caused due to genetic factors. Medicines given regularly can you continue to consume. You can also apply antibiotic cream to the thumb that is used to treat the infection. After applying antibiotics, cover the diseased finger with sterile gauze. If you have made the above efforts, but cantengan not heal even worse, then you can go to a surgeon to get optimal treatment.

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