Cerebral Edema And Stroke?

Illustration of Cerebral Edema And Stroke?
Illustration: Cerebral Edema And Stroke? j-stroke.org

doctor, what is the difference between cerebral edema and stroke?

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Cerebral edema or brain edema is swelling of the brain. This swelling can occur for many reasons, for example, infection of the brain, bleeding in the brain, death of brain cells, cancer, trauma or injury to the brain, etc.

Stroke is an obstruction of blood flow to the brain which causes the cells in the brain to experience a lack of oxygen which can result in the death of brain cells. Stroke itself has 2 types, ischemic stroke (if there is a blockage in the brain blood vessels) and hemorrhagic stroke (if there is a rupture of a blood vessel in the brain). Both types of stroke can cause cerebral edema.

The treatment could be the same, it could be different. For example, in ischemic strokes, treatment in ischemic strokes is not only aimed at reopening clogged blood vessels to restore blood flow to the brain, but also to prevent increased pressure in the brain due to cerebral edema. Therefore, in certain conditions, therapy for cerebral edema in ischemic stroke can be given, such as high oxygen administration and osmotherapy (administration of concentrated fluids to draw excess fluid in the brain). For bleeding strokes or bleeding in the head due to trauma, for example, therapy for cerebral edema can also be done in addition to evacuation of blood in the brain if indicated. Cerebral edema therapy can be different if it is caused by infection. Sometimes therapy with steroids can be given to reduce edema due to inflammation.

Here are articles that you can read about cerebral edema and stroke

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