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Good night. Okay I want to ask, my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer for 1 year. During this one year the mother carried out various treatments from chemotherapy to external radiation and brachytherapy. A series of treatments have been carried out but after a series of maternal treatment is completed then a lab check in the form of ultrasound thorax; the results show that the mother’s cancer has spread to the kidneys, intestines, ureters and lungs. The doctor who handled the mother said that chemotherapy & radiation that had been done could not be responded well to the body of the mother. And this is still improving conditions. And chemotherapy will be repeated. What I want to ask, can my mother be cured? What is the percent chance that the mother will recover? And if repeated chemotherapy does not endanger the mother’s health, remembering that the age of the mother is 64 years. Whereas after a series of treatments have been undertaken, the mother even every day feels pain in the lower abdomen u0026amp; difficult to eat. Please explain. Thank you.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. We are also sorry for your mother's condition. Cervical cancer is one of the most common types of cancer experienced by women. This cancer occurs in the cervix and its appearance can be triggered by many things, including HPV virus infection, weakness of the immune system, sexually transmitted infections, smoking both actively and passively, having excess body weight, consuming less fruits and vegetables, consuming obstetric enhancing drugs during pregnancy, taking birth control pills for more than 5 years, giving birth to more than 5 children, giving birth under the age of 17 years, and there is a history of similar complaints in the family. Although many factors are considered as the trigger, so far no one can find the exact cause of cervical cancer.

Regarding your question, overall, each person's body's response to the cancer drugs is indeed different, and that is judged by their physical endurance, how quickly the treatment is given, the type of cancer, the severity at the time of first discovery, and other factors , so it is indeed possible that your mother is one of the people whose bodies do not respond to both these drugs and therapies. This could be a reason for stopping treatment, if the cancer was considered to have reached the final stage and the response was really low. The most knowledgeable of these is the doctor who has been caring for your mother. So that the question is actually more appropriate to ask him directly.

Meanwhile, for the hope of recovery, broadly in any type of disease, be it frequent or rare, which is easily cured or difficult, the doctor has no right to determine that a condition is definitely incurable or definitely curable. The duty of the doctor is only to try to cure and reduce patient suffering as much as possible. So in the case of your mother, especially since we did not check it directly, we cannot confirm whether the condition can be cured or not. However, the more severe the cancer, the more cancer cells have spread everywhere, it will certainly be more difficult and less likely to cure than if the cancer is still in its early stages.

Our advice now, you should discuss again about the treatment plan with the doctor who has been taking care of your mother so far. Ask according to the results of the examination, how much influence the therapeutic plan has on your mother's potential for healing, considering that the therapy also makes your mother feel uncomfortable in carrying out daily life. If the benefits are not too great, your mother might be able to make an agreement with the doctor to stop the therapy and replace it with another. But if it turns out according to the evaluation of doctors actually hope the recovery is still great, it never hurts to try treatment first.

What is clear, the people closest to your mother, including you, must always encourage him. Help him feel better and listen to his complaints. Help him in meeting all his needs, in caring for himself, in taking medicine and in carrying out suggestions or avoiding doctor restrictions. And avoid stress, cigarette smoke, consumption of high nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruit, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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