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Hysterectomy conditions or surgical removal of the uterus is one of the surgical procedures in which the removal of part or all part of the uterus that occurs because it is associated with several things such as malignant cells, bleeding from the uterine area. In connection with this condition there are several types of hysterketomy, i.e.

Radical, namely lifting the entire uterus to get to the ovary
Total ie removing all parts of the uterus including the cervix but the oviduct is not removed
Partial ie only removes the uterine part of the body that is not part of the cervix removed.

Regarding this matter, you should be sure with the doctor who performed the surgery on you what type of procedure you are doing, and it is usually better if you also ask about the benefits and side effects that will be experienced.

Related to the condition of cancer is still further researched about the risk factors that cause some of them are

Genetic or hereditary
Exposure to chemicals
Bad lifestyle
Smoking or alcohol

If these risk factors can be changed, you should consider a better lifestyle

Thus information may be useful

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