Cervical Tissue Examination Results?

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Good afternoon doctor. R nMy mother was bleeding and was taken to a clinic and the doctor performed a curette and samples were taken from the cervix with scissors without anesthetized, the diagnosis of my mother’s doctor suspect cervical cancer. Coming home from the clinic my mother felt pain and discharge white and smelly, 5 days later my mother was taken to the hospital and the doctor said through ultrasound he said there were objects inside and had to be operated on and it turned out there was true gauze in the mouth of my mother’s womb. R nMy question is there a procedure that if bleeding must be deposited with gauze because after I confirmed to the doctor who took the sample he said to stop bleeding. carcinoma moderately differentiated a / r cervix. Does that state that my mother is positive for cervical cancer. R nThank you.

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Hai Nanang.

Based on the information you have presented above, the results of your mother's cervical tissue examination are: non keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma moderately differentiated. This shows that the cervix or cervix is ​​undergoing a process of malignancy or cancer. You can confirm this again, with the doctor who is treating your mother.

In this condition it can indeed be found disorders such as: bleeding, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, infections, etc.

After knowing this condition, usually the doctor will make the process of determining the stage of cancer, which will be useful to determine the type of treatment that will be given.

Some suggestions and tips from us:

Follow the advice of the doctor who treats your mother, do the recommended therapies
Encourage your mother to follow a healthy lifestyle, such as: eat only healthy food, exercise lightly and regularly, get enough rest and avoid stress
Family support will be needed for your mother to be able to go through the entire disease process and later treatment.

Thus the explanation, hopefully it helps

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