Cesarean Delivery?

Illustration of Cesarean Delivery?
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I want to know that my child is already 4 years old, it’s enough, if you have another child, the question is, can the fault be normal?n

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Normal delivery in women who have a history of previous cesarean delivery is not impossible. Normally, a safe normal delivery interval after cesarean delivery is over 2 years. With this distance, it is hoped that your surgical wound has healed optimally, so that the risk of uterine rupture (tear of the uterine wall) can be minimized.

However, it seems you need to know that the right delivery technique is determined not only based on previous birth history. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify first, on what indications your previous delivery was performed by cesarean section?

There are several factors that can lead to a cesarean delivery:

Maternal factors, for example due to fibroids that cover the birth canal, narrow pelvic cavity, heart problems, high eye minus Fetal factors, such as fetal distress, breech presentation, infection, congenital malformations Other factors, such as placenta previa, placenta accreta, head-pelvic disproportion, and etc. If your previous cesarean delivery was based on absolute reasons and came from yourself (mother's factors), for example because of a narrow pelvis, high myoma, heart problems, then of course cesarean delivery will again be the best choice of delivery method. However, if the cause is different, then it is possible that a normal delivery can be carried out.

In addition, the condition of your current pregnancy should also be considered. For example, mothers with a history of previous cesarean delivery are at higher risk of developing placenta previa (low-lying placenta). If you experience this condition at this time, then again, a cesarean delivery will likely be safer for you and the fetus in your womb.

Therefore, there are many factors that need to be considered in determining the best delivery method. Discuss directly with your obstetrician to determine the best for yourself, and the fetus you are carrying.

Normal delivery after cesarean

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