Cesarean Scar Still Feels Pain On The Inside

good afternoon, I want it, after the cesarean section, the wound on the outside incision is dry and good, the marks are like lines, but the inside of the surgical incision is as hard, if touched, is that okay.

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Basically the tissue that is cut and sewn during a cesarean section will turn into scar tissue or scar tissue. If the suturing is done well, scar tissue may indeed not be visible on the surface of the skin, but on the inside of the skin, the scar tissue will still form. This scar tissue is very different from normal tissue. Scar tissue will feel harder and less elastic, in some people scar tissue can also grow excessively (become hypertrophic or keloid scar tissue).

As long as your scars on the outside look dry and close well, you don't need to worry too much. The hard palpable lump is scar tissue which is indeed normal and will appear on the surgical incision. Some women also often complain of pain around the scar tissue and this is normal to feel even can be felt for years after surgery. If the pain is felt only mild, then no action or treatment is necessary.

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