Chances Are Infected With Corona Virus When You Have A Fever

Illustration of Chances Are Infected With Corona Virus When You Have A Fever
Illustration: Chances Are Infected With Corona Virus When You Have A Fever

At night, I want to weigh from this morning I feel my body is hot, but it’s not too hot, I don’t have symptoms of coughing just feel my body heat, is there any chance that I will get Corona virus? The thing is I already feel uncomfortable

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Hello Aldiyano

Complaints in the form of feeling themselves to be as if heat can be influenced by many factors, such as the result of an infection, both bacterial and viral infections. There are many types of bacteria and viruses, so a fever is not necessarily caused by a corona virus infection or COVID-19. In addition, the body can also feel as though hot when finished eating, angry, and doing physical activities such as sports for example. So Aldiyano is expected to not have to worry too much as long as there is no history of traveling to the confirmed area, and even though it is in a confirmed area, there is COVID-19 even though Aldiyano is expected not to panic because if Aldiyano has no history of being in one room or contact physically with someone who has been confirmed to be exposed to or suspected to be COVID-19 then the risk of Aldiyano being exposed to COVID-19 is low, because the conditions that Aldiyano may have are caused by factors other than COVID-19

For the time being, try to monitor complaints that are experienced whether complaints such as coughing, runny nose, and body temperature become more than 38 degrees Celsius, shortness of breath that makes it difficult to talk, if there are complaints or even none but there is a history of being one a room or physical contact with someone who has been confirmed or is suspected of having a COVID-19 infection, so the first step is to limit yourself to traveling or physical contact with others, keep yourself clean and try to always wash your hands, wear a mask especially if cough symptoms appear and flu, and do not forget to check yourself at the nearest health facility for further examination so that it can be ascertained what is the cause of complaints from your current health condition.

Aldiyano can also check the risk of COVID-19 at the following link

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