Chances Are Infected With Corona Virus When You Have Strep Throat

Illustration of Chances Are Infected With Corona Virus When You Have Strep Throat
Illustration: Chances Are Infected With Corona Virus When You Have Strep Throat

I have had strep throat for 1 week, my normal body temperature finally checked 35.8 C no cough, flu if I get cold and there is dust. I do not experience shortness of breath and no history of travel to the place / country there is the Corona virus. But in the province I live there is already 1 person who is positive corona and I have never been in contact with that person. And what I’m asking is if strep throat is a symptom of being infected with the corona virus? Can dexamethasone be used as a sore throat medicine? and do I have to go to health services?

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Sore throat is a condition where there is inflammation in the throat and esophagus. This can be caused by bacterial, viral infections or irritation from stomach acid. I will try to describe from the author:

due to bacterial infections, sore throat akbita bacterial infections can be marked by enlargement of the mandel or tonsils. The idea of ​​tonsils is useful for filtering bacteria or germs that enter the mouth, if you eat food that is not clean it will cause the easy amantel infected
viral infections, sore throat caused by viruses can usually be accompanied by coughing, colds or shortness of breath. The virus that often causes sore throat is influenza virus.
Gastric acid irritation can basically cure sore throat. Because of the increase in acid that occurs will pass through the esophagus and throat which will irritate or dry in the throat and will cause sores such as mucus in the esophagus and then cough.

Corona virus infection has signs and symptoms such as dry cough, sore throat, fever above 37.5 degrees and shortness of breath. Throat pain is indeed one of the symptoms of corona virus infection, it's just that it's not just one symptom, but there are other accompanying symptoms. Based on the complaints you have made, the tone has a dust allergy and the possibility of inflammation that you experience because your throat is too sensitive due to irritation from the stomach. My advice, improve your diet regularly, avoid the consumption of coffee, noodles, spicy and sour.

Do not forget to prevent corona, namely: diligently washing hands with methamphetamine after outdoor activities, do not touch the face when not washing hands, consuming multivitamins, eating nutritious food and getting enough rest.

Dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory drug, but it is corrosive to the stomach, so you should avoid it if not by prescription or doctor's recommendation.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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