Chances For Complete Recovery Of Benign Tumors In The Back Postoperatively?

Illustration of Chances For Complete Recovery Of Benign Tumors In The Back Postoperatively?
Illustration: Chances For Complete Recovery Of Benign Tumors In The Back Postoperatively?

Good afternoon doctor, I want to ask. I have a benign tumor on my back u0026amp; I will do the surgery. What I want to ask is my age is 68 years old u0026amp; I will do the surgical removal of the tumor. will return again lg.dg in other words whether my father can fully recover after surgery

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Hello Tri Suryanti, thank you for your question to

Tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue / tissue. The tumor itself is not always malignant and deadly. There are two types of tumors, namely benign and malignant tumors / often also called cancer. However, to find out whether the tumor is benign or malignant, investigations are needed to look at the tumor structure microscopically. The examination is called an anatomical pathology examination.

Based on your testimony, your father is said to have a benign tumor on his back. Lumps on the back itself can be caused by various conditions, for example:

Lipoma / excess fat tissue growth. These benign tumors can be seen on the skin as lumps, round, oval, or lumps that are not painful. When held, the lump will feel rubbery and can be moved (not attached to the bottom). Lipoma itself is most often found for example on the arms, back, face, shoulders. Usually, lipomas cannot cause malignancy / become cancerous and no special therapy is needed in this condition. However, surgery can be done if the lump is felt disturbing or the patient feels worried. Atheroma cyst which is a sac filled with oil under the skin. This collection of oils will cause lumps on the skin that feel somewhat harder and stick under the skin. Atherom cysts can occur due to blockages so that the oil is trapped and accumulates so that it becomes a lump. Lumps are often found on the arms, shoulders, and other parts. Warts. Warts are bumps on the skin caused by a viral infection. The virus will attack the skin layer and eventually cause the growth of abnormal skin cells, so the warts occur. Warts themselves can be seen as excess skin tissue, with uneven shape, and no pain. Mole / nevi or melanoma (mole that develops into malignancy). Mole itself is a normal variation in people. However, if the mole is getting bigger and bigger, the surface of the mole is irregular compared to normal skin, there is a gradation of color in the mole (eg red-brown-black), this condition needs to be suspected as a skin malignancy. etc. You can also read 'Different types of benign tumors based on their location'.

Need to do a more complete question and answer about the condition of complaints experienced by your father, starting from when the appearance of the lump, whether the lump gets bigger and longer, a medical history that can increase a person's risk of developing tumors such as smoking, obesity, and whether there are symptoms in your father that directs the suspicion that the tumor is malignant or not (such as weight that drops dramatically without cause). Your doctor has done an examination and suggested removal of the tumor. After removal of the tumor, usually to determine the type of tumor, the doctor will conduct an anatomic pathology examination. If indeed the tumor is benign, then no additional therapy is needed for your father, and your father has recovered. For recurrence, this cannot be ascertained, because it varies greatly from person to person. For example, lipoma. Lipomas can grow back in some people. But because it is benign, there is no need for special therapy or reappointment to overcome it. However, if the results of the examination lead to malignancy, the doctor will plan further examinations and treatment plans. Do not hesitate or hesitate to discuss with your father's doctor regarding his illness, both to ask for diagnosis, treatment, and also the possibility of further conditions.

That's all, hopefully it's useful. Wish you good health always.


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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