Chances For Recovery Of Children Who Are Deficient In Potassium?

Illustration of Chances For Recovery Of Children Who Are Deficient In Potassium?
Illustration: Chances For Recovery Of Children Who Are Deficient In Potassium?

Doctor, my child is 10 years old. Only this year he was exposed to less potassium. 2x my child has been hospitalized. At first I didn’t know and thought it was just there. After the first hospitalization, I learned that he was deficient in potassium. And last week he was treated again. Even to stiff, like a mild stroke. And gradually recovered. Is it possible to cure a person who is deficient in potassium, Doctor? Thank you

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Hello M.Ali,

The condition of potassium deficiency is called hypokalemia. Potassium is an electrolyte that has an important role in innervation and muscle tone, including the heart muscle. Potassium deficiency can cause several symptoms such as tingling, numbness, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, stomach cramps, frequent thirst, frequent urination, muscle cramps, fatigue, palpitations, fainting, and psychological disorders. When potassium levels are very low, more dangerous situations can arise such as respiratory failure, damage to muscle tissue, paralysis, impaired movement of the digestive tract, to death.

The body can be deficient in potassium due to many factors such as excessive sweating, moderate diarrhea and vomiting, side effects of diuretic drugs, laxatives, and antibiotics, folic acid and megnesium deficiency, diabetic ketoacidosis, impaired potassium absorption, hyperthyroidism, barium poisoning, and kidney failure chronic.

Examination to determine hypokalemia is by urine and blood tests to detect potassium levels and heart records to see the effects of hypokalemia on the heart. The main treatment for hypokalemia is to overcome the cause and restore blood potassium levels, accompanied by observations of potassium levels and a healthy diet with high potassium.

Is your child currently hospitalized or already home? I suggest that you discuss directly with the doctor who treats your child because the doctor is more understanding of the causes of potassium deficiency in your child. You should also consult about the next steps and prevention of hypokalemia that can be done at home.

One step to prevent hypokalemia is to ensure adequate potassium intake. Some foods that are high in potassium include bananas, avocados, kiwi, oranges, figs, tomatoes, spinach, milk, beans, fish, beef, carrots, sweet potatoes, and oats. You can make a daily diet for your child by inserting some high-potassium foods on top of it.

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