Chances For Recovery Of Gum Conditions Are Decreasing?

Illustration of Chances For Recovery Of Gum Conditions Are Decreasing?
Illustration: Chances For Recovery Of Gum Conditions Are Decreasing?

Good morning, Can the gum disease coming down be cured and the gums can be as they were? I feel that there is a drop in the gums, on which part my teeth feel aching when eating or brushing my teeth. Besides, can green tea cause stains on my teeth? While I saw in the article, green tea is actually good for oral health. Thank you

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The condition of the gums down is a condition where the position of the gums decreases more and no longer protects the tooth root, so that it can cause complaints as you feel now that the teeth become more sensitive than before. The causes of this condition are several factors, such as abnormalities in the shape of teeth and other structures in the mouth, abnormalities in the function of teeth and other structures in the mouth, and disorders of certain diseases that occur in the teeth and mouth.

In general, this condition can be treated through surgical and non-surgical measures such as the provision of patches or the provision of artificial gums on areas of teeth that are not protected by the original gum, and also some types of operative measures, all of these actions aim to restore the aesthetic and protective functions of the gums itself. As for teeth problems that are becoming more sensitive, coatings on exposed tooth roots can be done with materials that can reduce pain in the teeth. The issue of whether the condition returns to normal or not, all back again to the treatment procedures that you do. Before carrying out a procedure, it is advisable to consult it thoroughly with the dentist regarding the positive and negative effects.

Regarding green tea itself, green tea when consumed in the right amount, can indeed help maintain oral health and teeth such as preventing the formation of cavities, preventing inflammation and infection in the tissues around the teeth, and helping to eliminate bad breath. Indeed green tea seems to cause side effects in the form of stains on the teeth, but keep in mind that the real color is tartar, not the teeth themselves. If the tartar has not been cleaned within 24 hours, the tartar can harden and look like a stain on the tooth. For further actions that can be done to help eliminate these side effects, can be consulted further with the dentist.

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