Chances Of Contracting Tuberculosis After Recovering From Coughing?

Illustration of Chances Of Contracting Tuberculosis After Recovering From Coughing?
Illustration: Chances Of Contracting Tuberculosis After Recovering From Coughing?

Good evening .. I want to ask, some time ago I did a medical checkup for work purposes. My condition at MCU was indeed coughing and it had been going on for almost 2 weeks. From the X-ray results there was a mild pheumoni suspect and I was recommended by a consul to a pulmonary specialist. The pulmonologist advised me to take a sputum lab test (aerobic res) and take cough medicine (Edotin) and antibiotics for 6 days. After taking the drug my cough was cured. And the sputum test results show that the bacteria come from the oral cavity. Then I returned to the consul to the doctor with the lab results but the doctor advised me to go back to the lab test for sputum BTA, while I had difficulty expelling phlegm because I didn’t cough. My question is, is it possible for me to get TB in a case like this? And what is the function of the first sputum test because you have to do the sputum BTA test again? R n r n Please help explain, yes, thank you ..

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Hello Ungee, Thank you for the question.

A person will be suspected of having tuberculosis (TB) if they have symptoms of a severe cough for 3 weeks or more, cough with blood, shortness of breath, chest pain, excessive sweating at night, fever, chills, decreased appetite, and decreased body weight. To diagnose TB is not an easy thing to do. Basically, after the doctor asks about your complaint, the doctor will examine you and suggest further investigations. Investigations that can be done to diagnose TB are blood tests, sputum / sputum tests, X-rays, or the Mantoux test. The sputum test is intended to see the type of bacteria that is causing the infection to you but TB sputum testing requires a different examination from the usual sputum test. To diagnose TB, the sputum examination that is done is the acid-resistant sputum (BTA) examination which must be done 3 times. The first sputum test you will do will only tell you an estimate of the type of germ causing your complaint but you will not be able to tell the TB germs. The possibility of suffering from TB is always there if you have a prolonged cough and of course to confirm this requires an examination by a doctor.

If you have any doubts about the doctor's explanation or recommendation, you can consult another pulmonologist for a second opinion. Don't forget to bring your X-rays and sputum test results with you. The doctor will return to inquire further about your complaint and examine your lungs to match the findings on the examination you have undergone. Then the doctor can deliver the next recommendation.

Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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