Chances Of Getting Chickenpox After Routine Vaccines?

Illustration of Chances Of Getting Chickenpox After Routine Vaccines?
Illustration: Chances Of Getting Chickenpox After Routine Vaccines?

Night, my doctor Dharma, a 23-year-old teenager, from a young age, has routinely undergone the varicella measles immunization. The last time I got the chickenpox immunization when I was in grade 6. I have never had chickenpox in the past until now. I am really afraid of getting chicken pox. My question is whether with my routine varicella immunization from a young age, can I guarantee that my life in the future will never get chickenpox? Lifetime

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Hello dear Dharma,

Chickenpox is a disease caused by the varicella zoster virus. This disease is transmitted through direct contact with the sufferer, also through the droplets that the sufferer releases when coughing or sneezing. The period of transmission of chickenpox lasts about 1 week, starting from the appearance of a rash accompanied by a rash filled with fluid, breaking of the rash, to becoming a scab. Therefore, here are the precautionary steps when someone with chickenpox is around:

Isolation of people with chickenpox from public places, such as offices, schools, make sure that patients or healthy people around them wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth, make it a habit to wash their hands as often as possible, especially if there is contact with the sufferer, separate the clothes of a healthy person with a person with chickenpox Chickenpox vaccination can also reduce the transmission rate of this disease. Chickenpox vaccine can be given to children or adults with the following conditions:

if given to children 1 year and over - given once if given to children 13 years and over, including adults - given twice with a distance between vaccines of at least 4-8 weeks Giving chickenpox vaccine has been shown to be effective in preventing chickenpox up to 85 %. If a person has been vaccinated but is still infected with this virus, generally the symptoms they cause are not severe.

Hope this information is useful

dr. Lili

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