Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Having Sex After KB Injections?

Illustration of Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Having Sex After KB Injections?
Illustration: Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Having Sex After KB Injections? Bing

, I’m Sarah. I’d like to ask? I just gave birth 2 months ago by sc. And after a few weeks I immediately injected 3 months of birth control, after 3-4 days my husband and I had sex and my husband even released sperm inside. Can it result in pregnancy? Obviously I’m new to sc, if it’s possible to get pregnant. Can it endanger my life because after the sc, my stitches haven’t fully healed yet? Please advise, I’m really scared

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Good afternoon Sarah, thank you for your question.

Previously I wanted to ask if you are breastfeeding?

There are several methods of contraception that can be used while breastfeeding with the principle of containing progestins:

1.    Minipil (progestin birth control pill)

2.   Progestin KB injections (3 months KB injections)

3.    Hormone implants

4.   IUD (spiral)

5.   MAL (Lactational Amenorrhea Method)

After giving birth, every woman will experience the postpartum period, where there is discharge from the vagina which contains a mixture of blood, uterine lining and bacteria. Bleeding that occurs after delivery can occur for 2 weeks to 6 weeks after delivery.

In breastfeeding mothers, menstruation will usually be delayed, because breastfeeding can delay pregnancy and will only get menstruation again at 6 months after giving birth. This is due to the presence of the hormone prolactin produced by the pituitary where when prolactin stimulates milk production, it can also suppress ovulation. Prolactin is also the culprit behind irregular periods after pregnancy.

In mothers who do not breastfeed exclusively or not at all, the hormone prolactin can be lost, which means that menstruation can begin after the puerperium is complete, which is 6 weeks to 3 months, menstruation can occur again.

The 3-month injection KB containing Depo Provera, aims to prevent or delay pregnancy which is influenced by various reasons. This injectable birth control can prevent pregnancy by preventing the release of eggs from the ovaries and thickening cervical fluid so that it blocks the entry of sperm cells. This injection has side effects that can occur including disturbances in the menstrual cycle, such as bleeding outside the menstrual period, irregular menstruation and excessive bleeding. After 6 months, usually this family planning user will not experience menstruation.

Therefore, if your wife exclusively breastfeeds and uses a 3-month injectable contraceptive, menstruation will not occur. However, KB is used to prevent pregnancy, KB you can do such as pills, birth control injections, and implants. But in general, birth control does not immediately react to protect your body, especially in the first week if you are a first time user. Here are some things that can cause a person to get pregnant while using family planning if:

The first injection where sexual intercourse <1 week without protection. This occurs especially in the first injection, where the injectable contraceptive takes time to be absorbed optimally and provide optimal effect. Late for the next injection The wrong time for the injection where the injection was done at the end of menstruation and there was no history of sexual intercourse in the previous 1 week. Another cause of 1% is unknown considering this is man-made and pregnancy is a gift from Allah. A cesarean section is performed by making an incision in the uterus to remove the baby. These incisions will generally heal within 3 months. But of course the longer the condition of the uterus will get better. The recommended second or subsequent pregnancy is 18-24 months after the first birth. If you want to give birth normally, it is better to postpone the pregnancy until 2 years after giving birth.

Pregnancy that is too close from the first pregnancy can cause several risks such as tearing the uterine sutures, increasing the chance of giving birth by caesarean section again / SC, increasing the risk of premature birth and low birth weight babies, and increasing the risk of anemia in pregnant women.

Therefore, it is possible to get pregnant again and you get signs of pregnancy, so it is recommended that you check whether there has been a pregnancy or not by going to a doctor or obstetrician. But for the first time you can do a pack test (pregnancy test) on the 14th day you are late for your period (2 weeks late).

May be useful,

Regards dr. Dian

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