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at morning, i want to ask, 1 week ago i was stabbed by a needle but not inside only the outside but the needle was rusty and bleeding, but i drained the blood completely, can it be called tetanus or not??

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Tetanus is a condition in which the occurrence of spasms or muscle stiffness that usually starts from the neck or jaw. This situation is usually caused by an infection from the bacterium Clostridium tetani which can attack nerves in the body. Usually these bacteria can live through dirty wounds due to injuries, wounds bitten by animals, wounds from rusty nails or iron and burns.

Here are some risk factors that can cause tetanus:

1.     No history of tetanus vaccination as a child

2.     Wounds are exposed to dirty things such as dust, soil

3.     Injuries from being pierced by nails or rusty iron

4.     Body piercing or tattooing with non-sterile tools

5.     Drug users

Therefore, considering that you previously had a history of injury with a rusty needle, it is best if you check directly with the emergency room at the nearest hospital so that tetanus infection prevention can be given by cleaning the wound and giving a tetanus vaccine injection. Usually the doctor will give the TT tetanus vaccine or the ATS anti-tetanus serum depending on your condition and your wound and your previous vaccination history. If the wound has been experienced for more than 12 hours, ATS is usually not given again.

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