Chances Of Healing Of Dislocated Wrist And Finger?

Illustration of Chances Of Healing Of Dislocated Wrist And Finger?
Illustration: Chances Of Healing Of Dislocated Wrist And Finger?

I had an accident several years ago and one of them I had a dislocation of my wrist and ring finger. At that time the treatment was only recommended to use a wrist brace support and sometimes in a cast for a year, and nowadays I often feel pain when writing or typing for too long, and during that time I lifted my suitcase quite heavy and soon my hand was sore and a little swollen. . can the dislocation recur? And what kind of treatment should I take? Thank you

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Dislocation is a condition of the bone in the joint that has shifted from its normal position. Often dislocations occur due to injury or trauma from the impact hitting the joint. Symptoms that are often felt are dislocated pain in the joints and swelling around them.

You need to know that the wrist joint and finger joint are often the area of ​​dislocation that occurs. In addition, bones that have been dislocated before have a good chance of repetitive shifting if injured. If a dislocation is suspected, medical treatment should be done immediately to normalize the bone position.

So that is related to your complaint, considering you have a history of dislocations in the same joint, it is likely that you will experience repeated dislocations. However, this cannot be proven before a direct examination by a doctor is carried out. It is highly recommended to check your condition with the nearest doctor for direct examination and investigation if necessary to find out whether a dislocation has occurred or not.

Here are some of the first treatments that can be done to minimize pain and control the movement of the sore bones, namely:

Do not move the joint too much, To reduce pain and swelling, apply ice to it, attach elastic bandage to protect the sore joint. Raise the position of the joint that is suspected of having a dislocation.

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